Clutch Handbags

05 May
Clutch Handbags

Handbags always were among the most important accessories. And nowadays designer leather handbags create the image and reveal the status, style and taste of their owners. But of course fashion for handbags changes rapidly. Today clutches became top fashion. If earlier they were used only as evening handbags, today clutches are thought to be the most stylish and up-to-date designer handbags. Clutches can be found in all fashion collections and designers create clutches for all occasions.

Originally clutches are small handbags worn in the arm or under the shoulder. Earlier they didn’t have handles and were tiny. Such clutches were worn at parties and special event. They often were brightly decorated and looked great with evening dresses. But such clutches were appropriate only for stars and celebrities who didn’t have to take many things with them. But nowadays clutches changed greatly. Today there are designer clutches for all styles and tastes. You can find traditional small clutches worn on the hand together with bigger ones, appropriate for work and office. More than that, today even clutches with handles appeared. They are more convenient and of course can be made bigger. In such clutch you can put everything you need and it will still look top fashion. So today everybody can choose a designer clutch for himself. But how to choose a clutch that will be ideal for you?

Firstly pay attention to the size. Small clutches are evening variants. They will look ideal with dresses and can be decorated with shining crystals. Such designer handbags can be made in bright colors and chosen specially to the dress or costume.
Big clutches are good for business and office. In such clutches you can put all the needed things and they are mostly often made with handles to free your hands. These clutches are mostly often made form leather. Such designer leather handbags are quite universal and will look great for nearly all occasions. It’s better to choose classic colors for business handbags: here black, brown and grey are ideal, and more than that they are in vogue today.
The material is also important for your choice of a clutch. Nowadays exotic leather is extremely popular. You can buy a clutch made from snake, alligator or ostrich leather. Such designer leather handbags will always emphasize your high social status and perfect taste. Matte leather is ideal choice for business handbags, and evening clutches can be also made of satin fabric or patent leather.
The decoration of clutches is also of great importance. Brightly decorated clutches are great for parties. They can be decorated with rhinestones, beads or Swarovski crystals. Such clutches look luxury and attract attention. Extremely up-to-date look clutches decorated with fur. The will be top fashion in winter season.
The handles also became important element of clutches. Of course you can buy a clutch without handles, but it will be good only for special events and such clutch should be tiny for comfortable carrying in the hand. But nowadays there are many different clutches with comfortable handles. Clutches on chains are top fashion now. They look elegant and attractive and at the same time leave your hands free.
Today all types of clutches are in vogue and everyone can choose a clutch that will reveal his style and taste.

Clutch Handbags
Clutch Handbags
Clutch Handbags
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