Concealer for Acne

05 May
Concealer for Acne
Concealer for Acne

Acne has been a serious problem that is enough on its own to ruin your looks. While minor acne can be cured in a few days, serous acne breakouts take months to be cured. Moreover, acne scars that are left behind take another few months to be cleared off completely. While you use over-the-counter or prescribed medications and topical creams and lotions to get rid of acne, none of them are going to give you acne free skin in a day or two. So, what if you want a quick fix? With the advancements in world of cosmetics, all you need to do is grab a concealer and have your acne covered up in a few seconds. Yes, popping pimples or dabbing layers of powder is not going to help you hide that acne. So it is best to get a concealer for acne and have that flawless look.

A concealer is one of the essential cosmetics that form a makeup base. It is one of the most popular makeup products used to hide imperfections on skin and impart a flawless effect. Applied before the foundation, it works in the best way to hide acne and acne scars. Concealer for acne prone skin is not one amongst those used for normal skin. Remember that you need to choose right while you buy this product. Here’s more about the best concealer for acne.

Choosing The Right Concealer for Acne

There are a number of brands in the market that produce concealers. While you search for a concealer for acne skin, you are sure to get confused. Well, then which one do you choose? Firstly, let me tell that choosing a wrong concealer can aggravate the skin condition. So you need to pick concealers that are specially formulated for acne or acne prone skin. While regular make up products are often too heavy and oily, a specially formulated product is lightweight and does not block your pores. So even if you have or don’t have acne, the right product will ensure that your skin pores are not blocked up, hence avoiding and controlling acne.

Make sure that you pick a concealer for acne scars and acne which is from a reputed brand. Choosing the best cosmetics and acne skin care products is not a tough task with expert and consumer reviews available online. Make sure that you do not trust a single review, but read a few of them to find out the ultimate product. Usually those formulated for acne skin have the same mentioned in product description and have tags like, ‘non-comedogenic’, ‘oil-free or ‘hypoallergenic’. You can find an entire product line of non comedogenic makeup from some of the top brands. Also, go for tinted concealers with green or yellow base or undertones which will help you hide reddish acne. Some also have chemicals like salicylic acid that help acne treatment while they stay on your skin.

Best Concealer for Acne

Here’s a list of best concealers for acne from which you can select your pick. The best makeup for acne is that which consists of a concealer and a foundation specially formulated for acne prone skin.

  • Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Concealer
  • Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Concealer
  • Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer
  • MAC – Studio Finish Concealer
  • Physicians Formula Concealer Twins
  • Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
  • Murad Acne Treatment Concealer
  • Clinique Acne Solutions Concealing Stick
  • Proactiv Solution Medicated Concealer
  • Physicians Formula Conceal Rx Physicians Strength Concealer

Well, you can pick the best concealer for acne from one of the brands considering the aforementioned tips. But in case you have more serious skin conditions like rosacea or extremely severe acne, it is best to take advice from your dermatologist or a reputed makeup artist. As such products commonly contain chemicals that have the potential to worsen your skin condition. Your dermatologist can suggest to you the best remedy in this case. So turn yourself into a flawless beauty with the right concealer!

Concealer for Acne 
Concealer for Acne
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