Winter 2011 Hair Colors

05 May
Winter 2011 Hair Colors

As the days shorten and grow colder we begin to miss the warmth of the sun. Perhaps it is the reason that this winter, hair colors are warming up, as if they are creating an homage to the summer we are beginning to miss.

Blondes are warming up their hair with lowlights of rich browns or coppers. Adding natural looking streaks that blend and flow. Brunettes are adding life and luster to their hair by using highlights of caramel and bronze to lighten and warm, or going rich with deep chocolates & mahogany.

And red heads, well, red in definitely in. Nothing tops reds from bright, brash coppers to deep, rich burgundy. It’s fun to be a siren and red is the best way to do it.

Adding some warmth to your hair is a great way to freshen up your look without breaking your budget. There is no need to completely change your hair color, not when you can have a demi-permanent color added to your current color to add some depth and warmth. Not only will it make you feel like a brand new woman, it’s a cost effective way to add space between your color services.
Nothing is more thrilling then walking out of the salon with a whole new you, and adding a dab of copper or mahogany to your locks will give you that feeling while leaving a little green in your purse. After all, this is the time of year when we need to look our best and find that our budget is stretched thin by holiday parties and gift giving.
So indulge just a little. A little bit of color, some gold, some bronze, or some copper and rock those holiday parties and make your rivals (you know you have them) green with envy

Winter 2011 Hair Colors 
Winter 2011 Hair Colors
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