Winter Makeup TWinter 2011.

05 May
Winter Makeup TWinter 2011.

This winter the makeup is all about contrast. Contrast in the varieties as well as in the colors you will be using and the looks you will be achieving. From pale, natural and nude to bold and smoked out black, this winter is filled with fun for all makeup lovers.
The most striking look, as in the most different from what has been the trend is the complete lack of liner and mascara that has been gracing the run way.

Using bold shadows of warm copper, gold and bronze, blended out over the lid and even beneath the eye, brings sharp contrast when worn without any eye liner and mascara. This completely nude look plays up flawless, china doll skin with subtle blush and an almost nude lip.
Gracing the center of the spectrum is the daring use of ice blue shimmer across the lid, either worn with white or silver liner, boldly winged out with a nod towards the sixties and seventies, complete with false lashes or completely lacking liner and lashes. Choose either nude lips or bold plum lips to complete this daring midrange look.

Black of course never leaves the fashion files and the smokey eye is ever present this winter. Black and smokey grays are smudged out over the lid and down beneath the eye to give a mysterious cat eye, complete with winged out liner. This look is worn with a nude lip and just a hint of blush along the cheek bone.

All three looks are a striking deviation from the norm, nixing the usual vintage Hollywood glam and rock-a-billy pinup that we have seen inundating the makeup runway.

So, pull out those coppers, golds or even a funky ice blue and play with a new look and a new you!

Winter Makeup TWinter 2011.
Winter Makeup TWinter 2011.
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