2012 BMW 1-Series Sport Line

12 Oct

The drive-train layout, with a rise in line front engine and rear-wheel drive, unique in the compact segment. This improves the handling of the new BMW 1 series, and is also reflected in his style, with its typical BMW proportions: a long hood, wide stance and a cell passenger behind. The new BMW 1 Series is the epitome of elegance and innovative response in a compact car with a young, dynamic design and high quality features add to the excitement.

Compared to its predecessor, the new BMW 1 Series is a car that is growing, and this is reflected in its diameter increases. Now is 8.5 cents and 1.7 cents for larger. However, the height remains unchanged, and the result is an elegant, elongated profile. Front and rear, strong position, this close immediately all eyes.
Front looks striking with bold curves.

Front of the car is dominated by a large BMW kidney-shaped grille, headlights and boldly shaped three-piece air intake. The grid is bent forward, the emphasis given to this position, challenging the more sporty and compact models, while the areas surrounding the light and create a strong sense of three dimensions, where there are four contour lines forming the hood is a V , which is directed towards the grid.

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