2011 HSV E3 GTS

13 Oct

Australia high performance car manufacturer Holden Special Vehicles is pleased to announce the launch of its new E-Series 3, with a lot of Australia’s first production car, and internal improvements to the range of HSV.

New HSV enhanced driver interface (EDI), which runs through the vehicle’s performance data directly from a touch screen.

Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) is the first system of its kind in a production car in Australia, and is optional on all models except for the Clubsport R8 Tourer.

Blind Side HSV new alert box (SBZA) is optional on all models of the E3 – and is standard on the Grange.

In addition, technological innovations, the HSV has greatly increased the number of unique interior and updates Series 3, including:

“Oracle” new board

New model specific ID stainless steel plate on the center console

New bi-point cut seats in the GTS and Senator Signature, and a new tourism color Rosso.

New indicators cabin

Finishes piano black center console and steering wheel

The final stand-out aspect of the E-Series 3-Series is a range of new standard features offered on all models HSV, specifically:

Advanced Driver Interface (EDI)

Reversing camera behind the reversing radar

Satellite Navigation

Touch Screen Radio iPod connectivity

HSV Managing Director Phil Harding believes that the new E3 region has reached a new level of sophistication and continues the company’s long history of innovation.

“We need the E3 region of HSV is an example of the passion for innovation and determination to bring world-class engineering and vehicles,” he said.

“Just look at the IDE, LPI, and HSV SBZA know is passionate about creating and building high performance cars road.

“More and more of our customers show more interest in new technologies and expressed the desire for single points of difference in their vehicles.

“The combination of new technologies, elegant interior improvements and a continued focus on all-round performance strengthens the position of HSV as the ultimate in Australian performance cars did.”

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